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Health Mate vs. Sunlighten vs. Clearlight: Which Is Better For Your Home?

Health Mate vs. Sunlighten vs. Clearlight: Which Is Better For Your Home?

Infrared saunas are an excellent option for enhancing recovery, reducing inflammation, improving blood flow, and stress, and improved sleep. Plus, everyone who did a sauna session knows how soothing and awesome it feels.

While saunas used to be reserved for spas and fitness centres, nowadays you can easily purchase one for your home, and enjoy the benefits whenever you find time. But, there's a problem – even though the competition in the market is increasing, infrared saunas are still not cheap, and you should choose carefully.

clearlight vs health mate vs sunlighten

To help, we have come up with this article where we will help you find the best infrared sauna for your home by comparing three popular sauna brands – Health Mate, Sunlighten and Clearlight. By the time you finish reading this piece, you will have much more information and a clearer idea of what is the best brand of infrared saunas.

What to look for when shopping for an infrared sauna

Before we dive into the infrared sauna comparison, let's first give you a list of criteria that will show you how to choose the best infrared sauna, and also understand our choices:

Size and materials

The amount of space you have at home will determine the maximum size of your infrared sauna. Of course, bigger saunas will mean more family members or friends will be able to enjoy the sauna at the same time. Most people opt for one-person, two-person, or three-person saunas are the most common, but you can also find five-person models on the market.

canadian wood

However, if you are tight on space, you can consider getting a portable sauna you can roll out in your room and put away once done with your session.

As for the materials, you should go for high-quality wood such as cedar, hemlock and fir, kiln-dried, combined with stainless steel and non-toxic finishes. That will mean your sauna will last longer and will be less prone to wear-and-tear, while simultaneously safeguarding your health.

Infrared sauna ranges

Sauna range will determine not only its effectiveness but will also have an impact on your health, making it one of the key features of infrared saunas. Here's what to look for:

  • Light spectrum emissivity: the main choice is between full spectrum and far infrared saunas. All three brands we reviewed offer you all of the options.
  • Low EMF/EMR: getting a sauna that emits low EMF (electromagnetic fields) as well as low EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is a much better option for your health and something you shouldn't neglect.

Assembly and ease of use

Getting a sauna that is easy to assemble with simple tools will mean you will be able to do it yourself, instead of finding or paying someone to do it for you.

Plus, if your sauna is easy to assemble, it will also mean you will be able to move it in no time if you decide you no longer want it in the same place, all of which adds to the convenience.

Plus, easy-to-assemble saunas are also easier to maintain, and you will be able to make simpler fixes yourself, without using specialist tools.


Saunas come with a variety of features, such as chromotherapy lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, sound systems, and more. These are all nice, and add to the value, but try to focus on the other things from this list first – extras are just extras.

Price and value

When choosing the best infrared sauna for your home, try not to focus solely on the price. True, saunas aren't cheap, but this purchase will help you improve and maintain your health, and will be something your entire family will use in years to come. Therefore, try to focus on the value and quality, and look to stretch your budget, if possible – you won't buy saunas every day.

The 3 best infrared sauna brands of 2024

Now that you know the criteria, let's review the 3 best infrared sauna brands in 2024:

#1 Health Mate infrared saunas

What makes Health Mate saunas stand out is their quality and safety, accompanied by a rich, 40-year-long history. Considering that each sauna goes through a five-stage quality control system, you can expect to get a premium quality product that will serve you well for a long time.

infrared sauna for one person

Top-end heaters and power supply

They have unique, patented, Tecoloy low-EMF heaters, emitting 360-degree, full-circle heat. At the same time, all materials are certified 100% to be non-toxic, which, combined with their third-party tested low-EMF certification ensures any of the Health Mate saunas you choose will meet the highest standards.

But, the most important thing about Health Mate and their heaters is the quality – Health Mate saunas have been sold in the UK for over 15 years, and not a single heater was replaced due to a breakdown (we will get to the lifetime warranty in a second).

Each Health Mate sauna has its own power supply and control system, ensuring maximal safety. Considering that saunas use a lot of power, 1800+ watts, their two levels of protection (breaker and high limit) will prevent accidents and let you enjoy your sauna peacefully.

Canadian red cedar – premium sauna wood

As for the materials, all Health Mate saunas are made of 100% PEFC™ Western Red Cedar, ensuring premium quality. Cedar has excellent characteristics, both in terms of its aroma, and health benefits, which is why it is the preferred wood for saunas of all kinds.

A good amount of extras

Health Mate saunas come with extras too – you can find app controls, Bluetooth supported sound system, as well as a super easy assembly that takes up to 60 minutes, and doesn't require complicated tools.

There are also additional extras available, such as an LED colour therapy system, ergonomically designed bench, one-way mirrored glass, digital light touch controls, and more.

Let's make things a bit simpler so you can understand the main differences between Health Mate models:

  • Classic series: these are Health Mate's all-inclusive, premium models that contain all accessories, such as their Classic 2-Person Infrared Sauna. If you want the ultimate luxury and the best of the best, you get Classic models.
  • Standard series: Standard models don't include all of the accessories, but you will still get a top-quality sauna that contains all of the Health Mate's signature features. Therefore, Standard models are more budget-friendly – as you can see, the Health Mate 3-Person Standard Infrared Sauna costs less than the 2-person Classic model we have mentioned above.

Lifetime warranty

Lastly, Health Mate saunas come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you will be able to enjoy your sauna sessions without worrying about the quality of the product you purchased. Countless positive reviews attest to the quality of Health Mate Saunas as well.


  • Tecoloy, low EMF heaters for superb performance and health benefits
  • Excellent build quality - Canadian cedar
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Other brands have more extras and upgrade options

#2 Sunlighten infrared saunas

Sunlighten infrared sauna brand is another top-quality sauna manufacturer with a broad range of models of different sizes and with various features.

Easy assembly

Sunlighten saunas have a tight-sealing magnetic system that not only prevents the hot air from leaking, making the sauna efficient but also is very easy to assemble. Instead of using screws and nails, all you need is to put the panels into position, and a "click" will confirm you've placed it just right.

heaters on

Good accessories

Sunlighten has some neat extras – depending on the model you will see Blaupunkt sound systems, in-sauna tablets for entertainment, programmable timers, and more.

Heating with SoloCarbon coating

Sunlighten also patented a part of their heating system, SoloCarbon infrared coating, which has good performance as it maximises the quality and quantity of the infrared light it emits and ultra-low EMF.

Solid craftsmanship

Sunlighten saunas are well-made, and we have already mentioned their magnetic sealing system. As for the materials, they primarily use eucalyptus and basswood for their saunas, with cedar being an option only in combination with eucalyptus.

Considering that cedar is a traditional sauna choice, it's a pity that Sunlighten doesn't have models that are primarily made of this wood.

Sunlighten does a great job when it comes to the health and safety features of their saunas. You will find only non-toxic adhesives, nonflammable materials, chemical-free fabric, and safe wood coating and structures.

Limited warranty

Sunlighten offers a limited lifetime warranty (7 years) on cabinetry and heaters, while controls are covered by a 3-year warranty, and their stereo system has a 1-year warranty.


  • Magnetic seal system for easy assembly and heat retention
  • Very good heating system
  • Some excellent extras (models with sauna tablets available)


  • Limited warranty
  • Cedar used only for interiors

#3 Clearlight saunas

While we are putting Clearlight last, this is another excellent sauna manufacturer that offers a variety of models for different purposes.

Outdoor saunas

The key difference of Clearlight is that they have a collection of outdoor saunas. This makes them different from both Sunlighten and HealthMate, as both of those brands only make indoor saunas.

Clearlight outdoor saunas have a built-in roof as well as a waterproof cover that can withstand rain and snow, letting you install them outside.

inside an infrared sauna

Low EMF and ELF

Clearlight saunas maintain low levels of electromagnetic fields and frequencies, with levels being 3-5 times below the safety threshold, making them super safe to use.

High-end materials and craftsmanship

Clearlight uses premium quality Western Red Canadian Cedar, which is a traditional wood used for saunas. The wood selected is eco-certified cedar, and the chain of custody manufacturing procedures ensure maximal health standards are met throughout the entire process.

The only drawback most Clearlight models have is that they use too much glass for their front panel, which is not ideal for efficiency. Unlike wood, glass loses much more heat and infrared waves.

Excellent extras

All Clearlight models come with a decent set of accessories to make your sauna experience even better – digital touchpad and smartphone controls, BlueTooth and AUX connections, stereo speakers, charging stations, standard/medical-grade chromotherapy lighting, and more.

But, Clearlight offers plenty of upgrades too – ergonomic backrest, vibration and chromotherapy, red light therapy tower, as well as another full spectrum infrared sauna heater.

Lifetime warranty

Clearlight, just like Health Mate, also offers a lifetime warranty for their saunas, which is excellent as it tells they are confident they are selling a top-quality product.


  • Outdoor models
  • Low EMF levels
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Most models use too much glass on their front panels
  • Pricey models

The best infrared sauna brands – bottom line

As you can see, all three brands we presented have their distinct strengths. But, HealthMate has one edge over the other two – overall value. The unique heater system combined with premium Canadian cedar, easy assembly, a lifetime warranty, and all that for a fair price makes HealthMate models the best buy.

Now it is up to you to browse the models and see which one fits your needs best when it comes to size and features. But, overall, choosing HealthMate will never be a decision you will second guess.


Infrared sauna vs steam sauna – what's the difference?

The main difference when it comes to infrared vs traditional sauna is the way how heat is produced. Infrared saunas, as the name suggests, emit an infrared wavelength that heats the body directly, while traditional saunas heat the sauna air, which then heats the body directly.

What are the different types of infrared saunas?

Infrared saunas differ in size (1-5 person), as well as the infrared light spectrum (near, mid, far and full spectrum saunas are the most common), but models can have a variety of extras and other features that also make a difference.

Infrared saunas are often confused with red light therapy, as they are both excellent ways to boost recovery and have many health benefits. But, there are also differences when it comes to infrared sauna vs. red light therapy.

Which is better: a far infrared or full-spectrum sauna?

Far infrared light penetrates the body, causing us to sweat and release toxins, which is why it is popular for saunas. Full-spectrum saunas, on the other hand, emit all three types of infrared light – near, medium and far. That makes them even more effective as you will get the most out of your sessions.

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