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Ice Bath Kits

  • Avantopool

    Avantopool Kinos Ice Bath

    3 colors available

    Experience Cold Therapy At Home With The Avantopool Kinos Ice Bath The Avantopool Kinos Ice Bath is a tool designed for the believers in DIY human ...

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Ice Bath Kits Collection Overview

There are two main benefits of going for one of our ice bath kits.

One, you can set the ice bath automatically and control the temperature with just the touch of a button.

Two, you’ll add a filtration systems that comes with pairing your ice bath purchase with a chiller. You still get all the same product benefits you would expect from a barrel or portable ice bath, plus the added perks of the chiller. With a double filtration system, pump, and water purifier, these compact and powerful chillers enhance the ice bath experience.

Dive into of our ice bath kits collection?

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