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Health Mate Infrared Sauna Reviews

Health Mate Saunas Reviews From Real Customers (Updated 2023)

With so many infrared sauna options out there, it's not easy to find the differences between them. And, with each brand claiming their own superiority, how do you separate the best from the rest?

As the owner of The Peak Athletics, I've researched extensively and tested nearly every infrared sauna on the market. I’ve personally spoken to the brands, asked tricky questions, and I simply haven't found another brand that offers a better blend of technology, quality, and durability than Health Mate infrared saunas.

At first glance, Health Mate saunas may seem similar to brands like ClearLight, Sunlighten, or Oceanic saunas. They are all low-EMF, full-spectrum and come with all the bells and whistles. But, my friend, the devil is in the details. Let me me tell you why.

Health Mate Infrared Sauna Review

1. The crucial factor is the heater technology. Most infrared saunas use standard carbon heaters, which, although functional, do not generate enough heat to create a 'sauna effect'. On a chilly day in a cold room, such a garage, your infrared sauna will not get to 55 degrees and so you won’t sweat. To mitigate this, some brands add additional heaters (and call it “full-spectrum”) which often don’t have the health benefits associated with far infrared heat (which gives deep heat penetration and allows for full absorption by the body).

The Health Mate Tecoloy® heating system is a game changer. It’s powerful enough to warm up the sauna quickly, and make you sweat more, like in a traditional sauna. But at the same time, all the energy is converted into far infrared light, with all the health benefits associated with it. In essence, a Health Mate sauna is an infrared therapy cabin and a powerful sauna all in one.

2. Then there’s the manufacturing process. Health Mate is the only manufacturer that manages the entire production process, from timber through to delivery. This level of control ensures the highest quality.

Most of their competitors use outside manufacturers who make generic models for a wide range of brands. These brands purchase from the manufacturer and then add their brand name. This makes it challenging to maintain the quality of the infrared sauna, as they have no oversight in the manufacturing process.

In fact, most infrared saunas available in the UK are manufactured by three major Chinese companies. There’s nothing explicitly wrong with that, after all, most products are made in China or south east Asia.

But, we’ve heard several complaints regarding the quality of these saunas. Reports of cracking or bending wood, and breakdowns of infrared panels or heaters. That’s a bit of a bummer, especially when you’re making such a big investment.

In contrast, in the 15 years that Health Mate has been selling saunas in the UK, customers have not required a single heater repair. None. Zero heaters have broken down. That’s quality.

3. They are truly easy to set up. Health Mate have designed their saunas for easy assembly. And they are also easy to take apart and move if needed. The design is really clever, with the main power connections located under the bench for easy access.

Most infrared saunas have power connections in the roof, which not only make them more difficult to access, but also limits the reach of the power cable which first has to drop down by 2 metres.

Health Mate saunas, on the other hand, are designed so that you can reach every component from the inside of the sauna. In addition, all the components are modular, so anyone with a screwdriver can replace them.

4. Health Mate is the only brand that offers customers a lifetime warranty on every component of your sauna. If something breaks, it’ll be fixed, no questions asked (and no sneaky caveats getting in the way).

As a UK-based company, Health Mate will fix things quickly if something happens. Other brands, that are based thousands of miles away in Europe, don’t have the capacity to do this. If you need your sauna to get fixed, you should expect an extremely long and tedious process.

5. Health mate has a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly production. The infrared saunas are crafted with 100% A Grade Canadian Red Wood Cedar. Cheaper woods warp or crack at high temperatures, Red Wood Cedar does not.

This is backed up by Health Mate certification by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). These are environmental bodies that support sustainable forest management in line with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements.

Health Mate is the only brand recommended by Tony Robbins. Whether you love him or not (like Marmite), Tony Robbins is famous for his excellent physical condition and for his ability to identify the best biohacking tools. In his book, Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine, a kind of biohacking manual, on page 299, Tony says: “.. regular sauna use can have a profound and powerful impact on your health, your wellbeing and your life span. … I decided to get an infrared sauna, my favourite is Health Mate…

The guy is 63 years old and can power through a 4-day, 12-hour event like it's a walk in the park. So, it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about being healthy and using the best products. And he chose Health Mate!

Okay, enough about what I think. How about what our customers think? Below is an archive of Health Mate reviews, from real customers that use it.

Happy Reading,

Alvaro de Pastors Co-Owner - The Peak Athletics

Real Reviews From Real Customers

I love the sauna, it's absolutely fantastic. A magical surprise with the amazing light therapy incorporated! The heat is powerful, it’s really a top end sauna!

Catherine Leyreloup – Harlech, Wales.

We have had our Health Mate sauna for more than 5 years. It still is the best thing we ever bought

John and Heather. Leicester.

I've used the sauna yesterday and it far exceeds what I was expecting It gets much hotter than i expected much quicker. Everything about the sauna is brilliant.

Ade, Edgware

I bought the sauna as a treat for myself. Unfortunately, I made a mistake when typing my address and realised a few days later. When I reached out to peak athletics asking about the possibility of changing the address they were so helpful and made sure everything turned out OK. Cannot say enough great things about this company and the way they responded to and resolved my issue in a timely manner. Thank you!

Robin - Devon

My son bought this infrared sauna for me, and I loved it. It is the right size for one person. If you want to have more space or share it with someone, I would buy the one for two people.

Claire, Essex

Couldn’t be more pleased with my two person infrared sauna. Extremely high quality finish with added touches such as mood lighting and Bluetooth functionality. I’ve used the sauna pretty much every day so far since purchase and has been great therapy for my ongoing back and hip conditions.

Mark L

I am thrilled to bits with my HEALTHMATE infra red sauna. I use it almost every day first thing in the morning. it sets me up for the day.

The best investment I have ever made.

Mrs Ruth Duffield

Excellent Quality Infra Red Sauna with the best customer service.

These saunas add a slice of luxury to your home, but the health benefits are enormous. You can immediately see from the craftsmanship that they are built to last. Really happy with the whole experience with Health Mate from start to finish. The sauna is beautifully put together and of the highest quality.

Helen King

We love our new sauna! It has helped ease our muscular pain, helped us detox, and made us feel generally well and relaxed after every use. Service has also been excellent. Thank you.

Laura Styring

Excellent product. Hand made cedar timber. Takes less than 20 minutes to heat to 50 C. I have bought gauss meter to take reading of EMF-2 inches from the surfaces shows 0,01-0,02. Once the desired temperature is reached, it keeps it for 15-20 minutes without turning heating elements on. Seven heaters as well as underfloor heating. Comfortable benches and good space for three people. Cosy atmosphere with different colour lights.

Simeon Mogilski

We love our Health Mate Sauna! What a great product! We also received wonderful customer service from the whole team right through from our first enquiry through to delivery, superb fitting and aftercare too.

Float Norwich

I got the 2 person classic infrared sauna for my spare room. I'd never tried an infrared sauna before, it gets hot so quickly! Already noticing an improvement in my skin complexion. Would highly recommend!.