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Health Mate Enrich 2 Two Person Infrared Sauna


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Elevate Your Recovery with a Premium 2-Person Infrared Sauna

Do you ever feel like your body is pushed to its limits, leaving you in need to recharge and recover? From the tennis court to the golf course, the triathlon track to the marathon route, the journey is paved with challenges that test your endurance, resilience, and determination. The Health Mate Enrich 2 is your solution.

Specifically designed for athletes, this 2-person infrared sauna offers unparalleled relaxation and recovery. With patented dual-wave Tecoloy™ heaters and a comprehensive LED panel, it delivers a full-spectrum infrared experience.

Easy controls, ergonomic design, and tool-free assembly make it the perfect addition to any athlete's routine.

Full-Spectrum Coverage

For athletes facing muscle soreness, joint pain, and fatigue from rigorous training and competition, our sauna’s blend of near-, mid-, and far-infrared wavelengths promotes faster recovery, reduces pain, and enhances muscle relaxation.

This technology ensures comprehensive health benefits and deep relaxation, making it a crucial tool for serious competitors.

Maximum Safety: Ultra Low EMF

Safety is paramount in your training regimen, which is why the Enrich 2 features ultra-low EMF technology across all 8 heaters and electronic components, verified by a 3rd party Tecoloy EMF report. Train and recover with the confidence that your wellness environment is as safe as it is effective.

Advanced Chromotherapy

Included chromotherapy options enable you to tailor your recovery environment with 9 therapeutic colors. This feature, particularly effective with Red Light therapy, aids in reducing inflammation, promoting wound healing, and improving mood – essentials for maintaining peak athletic performance.

Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to investing in your health and performance, you need assurance that your equipment is built to last. That's where Health Mate infrared sauna cabins shine.

Health Mate takes pride in offering a lifetime guarantee on all sauna cabins, ensuring that you can train with confidence knowing that your investment is protected. Plus it's the only manufacturer to be triple certified for environmental responsibility

Easy Assembly

The Health Mate Enrich 2 is not only built with the athlete’s health in mind but also their convenience and time. Understanding that athletes have demanding schedules, the sauna is designed for effortless and quick assembly:

  • Tool-Free Assembly: The Enrich 2 requires no tools for assembly, meaning you can set it up easily without additional help or technical skills.
  • Plug-and-Play Setup: It plugs into any standard 13 amp plug, eliminating the need for special electrical modifications or professional installation.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna for Athletes

Our Enrich Infrared saunas offer a multitude of health and performance advantages specifically tailored to the needs of athletes. Whether you're a tennis player dealing with post-match soreness, a marathon runner recovering from a long run, or a triathlete in constant training, the Enrich 2 can provide significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Muscle Recovery: The infrared heat penetrates deep into the muscles, increasing circulation and promoting faster healing of microtears. This helps reduce downtime between training sessions.
  • Pain Relief: Continuous exposure to infrared heat can significantly alleviate chronic pain from joints and muscles, helping athletes maintain a regular training schedule without discomfort.
  • Increased Flexibility: Warm muscles are more pliable. Regular sauna sessions can improve your range of motion, potentially enhancing performance and decreasing injury risk.
  • Stress Reduction: Mental resilience is crucial for athletic success. The soothing environment of the sauna helps reduce stress levels, improving overall mental health and focus.
  • Detoxification: Sweating at a deep level flushes out toxins, which can improve skin health, boost immune response, and help maintain optimal body function.
  • Boosted Cardiovascular Performance: The heat induces a mild increase in heart rate similar to moderate exercise, which can help improve cardiovascular health over time.

Product Specifications

Electrical: Wattage 1820W; Amperage: 13 amp - Plugs into a standard outlet

Dimensions: 120cm (47.25”) 110cm (43.5”) 196cm (77”)

Heaters: 5 Tecoloy Dual-Wave on Wall & Bench, TruInfra Far-Infrared Heaters on Floor & Lower-Back, and Near-Infrared LED array above

Wood: Canadian western red cedar wood from sustainable forests

Features: Built-in Bluetooth Audio, Towel rack, Magazine holder, Exterior lighting

woman enjoying a sauna session

FAQ for the Health Mate Enrich 2 Infrared Sauna

How easy is it to assemble the Enrich 2 sauna?

The Enrich 2 is designed for easy assembly, requiring no tools and can be set up by just two people in under an hour. Clear instructions and all necessary components are included, making the assembly process straightforward and hassle-free.

What are the electrical requirements for the Enrich 2 sauna?

The Enrich 2 runs on a standard 13 amp plug, the same as most household appliances. This ensures it can be easily integrated into any suitable indoor space. 

Can the sauna be used outdoors?

The Enrich 2 is designed primarily for indoor use. Using it outdoors is not recommended as external elements could damage its components and materials. Ensure it is placed in a dry, covered area if not used indoors.

How many people can comfortably use the sauna at one time?

The Enrich 2 is a two-person sauna, designed to comfortably accommodate two adults at the same time, allowing both users to relax and enjoy the full benefits of infrared heat.

What safety features does the Enrich 2 have?

Safety is a priority in all our saunas. The Enrich 2 features low EMF heaters, is constructed with non-toxic materials, and undergoes rigorous safety checks to meet high standards. Additionally, the built-in temperature control and timer allow you to customize your session without overheating concerns.

What are the health benefits of using the Enrich 2 sauna?

The Enrich 2 offers numerous health benefits, including improved muscle recovery, enhanced circulation, increased flexibility, stress reduction, detoxification, and overall enhanced well-being through the use of near-, mid-, and far-infrared technologies.

Is there any maintenance required?

Maintenance is minimal. It is recommended to wipe down the interior with a dry cloth after each use and periodically clean more thoroughly with a damp cloth and mild, natural cleaner. The exterior can be cleaned as needed with wood cleaner to keep it looking fresh.

Does the sauna come with a warranty?

Yes, the Enrich 2 comes with a lifetime warranty that covers heaters, wood, and electronics. 

Can I customise the lighting and heating settings?

The sauna includes adjustable controls for both temperature and LED colour therapy lights. This allows you to tailor each session to your specific needs and preferences for the most comfortable and beneficial experience. 

Where is the best place in my home to install the sauna?

We recommend to place the Enrich 2 in a well-ventilated area on a hard, flat surface. Avoid carpeted areas if possible. Basements, spare rooms, or any indoor space with adequate ventilation and a suitable power source are ideal.

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