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3 Person Health Mate Standard Infrared Sauna


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The Standard 3 Person Infrared Sauna Cabin by Health Mate

The 3 Person Health Mate Standard Infrared Sauna is a powerful tool in optimising your wellbeing, fast-tracking recovery and enhancing your overall performance.

Enjoy comfortable temperatures and a deeper therapeutic effect, thanks to its unique full-spectrum Tecoloy® heaters. By acting directly on your body these rays are far more efficient at getting rid of toxins, relaxing your muscles, burning calories and even improving your cardiovascular health.

The Standard infrared sauna by Health Mate fits 3 people. Enjoy a sauna session with your partner or a couple of friends.

With an ergonomic backrest for added support and touchscreen control panels both inside and outside the cabin that make it easy to set times and control temperature, it’s easy to sit back and focus on feeling great.

3 Person Health Mate Standard Infrared Sauna Cabin Benefits

Why The 3 Person Health Mate Standard Infrared Sauna Is An investment?

Unique Tecoloy® Heaters For An Enhanced Therapeutic Effect

Health Mate infrared saunas use a unique Tecoloy® technology that generates an infrared wavelength of 6.340 nanometres. This wavelength is a perfect match for our bodies meaning not only is it perfectly safe but also provides a much more effective therapeutic effect than all other infrared heaters on the market.

The infrared rays in a Health Mate sauna emits infrared energy rather than just heating the air, causing our bodies to heat themselves.

By creating heat from within our body, blood can flow to every cell, triggering a deep level therapy with a host of healing effects like cell renewal, immune boosts, radiant skin and an end to muscle and joint soreness.

As an added benefit, Tecoloy® heaters also heat up much faster and maintain a consistent temperature, minimising your warmup time so you always have space to fit in a healing sauna session.


Infrared Sauna Cabin With Low-EMF Certification

Your health and safety are important, which is why this Standard Health Mate infrared sauna hold various quality and safety certifications.

These infrared saunas have a tiny, almost zero, level of electromagnetic radiation. For your added peace of mind, recent tests prove that this level remains under 2 milligauss of EMF output, the same output as for a standard lamp.

Top Notch Materials And The Highest Quality, Guaranteed

Health Mate are the only company to make their own saunas and have been perfecting them for around 45 years. We own the factory, buy the wood and build the saunas ourselves so you end up with a high-quality, once-in-a-lifetime purchase with a lifetime guarantee. Our team in the UK is always available to help should anything happen.

All Health Mate Standard Infrared Saunas are made from sustainably sourced Red Cedar wood (inside) Hemlock wood (outside). This A Grade wood comes from Canada with a PEFC quality mark. Not only does Red Cedar have a lasting fresh smell but it won’t warp or crack from temperature fluctuations like other woods.

Full Spectrum 360 Degrees Heaters

The 5 Tecoloy heater includes a reflective panel for a beautiful, even 360 degree spread of its therapeutic infrared rays so you can be sure to reap in its full benefits from wherever you are sitting.


Easy To Assemble With The Option Of White Glove Installation

The standard infrared sauna cabin is easy to install in just 6 steps.

If you prefer to come home to a new fully assembled Health Mate infrared sauna, we will have it installed and ready to run in no time so you can relax and start enjoying the benefits right away.

Experience A Multitude Of Benefits

  • Detoxification
  • Relaxation
  • Burning calories
  • Relief from muscles strain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Improved muscle flexibility and muscle recovery

Free And Fast Delivery

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Lifetime Warranty

A real lifetime warranty. No questions asked, you got a problem? We’ll fix it.

Ultra Energy Efficient

The 3 Person Health Mate Standard Infrared Sauna Cabin features a standard 13 amp plug. A 30 minutes sauna session will consume as much electricity as a hairdryer.

Specifications Of The 3 Person Health Mate Standard Infrared Sauna Cabin:

  • Size: 152 cm width x 102 cm depth x 194 cm height
  • Power consumption: 1960 Watt
  • 6 Patented low EMF Tecoloy® far infrared heaters
  • Touch screen control panel inside and outside
  • Ergonomic bench
  • Ergonomic back rest
  • Seats 3 people
  • Double sided walls
  • Canadian Red Cedar (A grade) inside
  • Hemlock (A grade) outside
  • Safety glass
  • Reading light Easy click assembly (no tools needed)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Power Supply: 13 amp
  • Capacity: 3 people

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