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Chill Tubs For Sale Collection

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    Chill Tubs

    Chill Tubs Filter


    The Chill Tubs Filters play a crucial role in the functionality of our ice bath. They remove particulates, debris, and other contaminants. Using ou...

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Chill Tubs Collection: Embrace the Cold

Welcome to the exclusive Chill Tubs Collection, your one-stop destination for the finest ice bath and accessories. Created with a unique blend of style and technology, the Chill Tubs ice bath stands out.

Why Choose Chill Tubs?

Premium Ice Bath: At the heart of our collection lies the signature Chill Tub. Crafted with high-quality materials like Stainless Steel 304, Aluminium, and Teak Wood, these ice bath guarantees durability, performance and style. With settings that allow temperatures to dip as low as 3°, get ready to experience unparalleled cold immersion.

Essential Accessories: Elevate your ice bath experience with the range of accessories. From the energy-saving insulated covers including with your purchase to the premium filtre or our recommended Chill Tabs Sanitiser, we've got everything to ensure a the best cold therapy session.

Safety and Maintenance: Our Chill Tubs come with an in-built ozone and filter system, ensuring clear water for every dip. And don't miss our range of maintenance accessories, designed to keep your cold plunge in the best condition.

Warranty You Can Trust: Every Chill Tubs ice bath comes with a 2-year warranty, covering defects in workmanship and malfunctions during normal use. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

For the athlete, the passionate biohacker, or anyone seeking peak performance and recovery, look no further than the Chill Tub. Order today and embrace the peak of recovery.