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Strength Equipment For Sale

Discover Our Strength Equipment Collection

It's becoming clearer that the science of strength training is evolving rapidly. The old days of lifting iron at the gym are long gone.

Whether you want to optimize your workouts with a variable resistance machine like the Vitruvian Trainer+; engage the same muscles as if you were climbing with the Versaclimber TS and Versaclimber Sport; improve your strength while getting more flexible with the NOHrD Elastico stretching bar; or enjoy the fun of interactive workouts with the VAHA X fitness mirror and the BOX 12 boxing pod, we've got you covered.


    NOHRD Elasko Stretching Bar

    2 colors available

    Upgrade Your Posture With The NOHRD Elasko Stretching Bar For biohackers, it's all about optimising health and performance. But you can't forget ab...

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