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VersaClimber Sport Vertical Climbing Machine


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VersaClimber Sport: A Cardio And Strength Climber

The Sport Versaclimber is the perfect solution for biohackers who want to get both a cardio and strength workout in one session. By incorporating both arm and leg motions in one fluid exercise, the VersaClimber Sports Climber provides one of the most thorough workouts you can have at home.

As well as working all four limbs with its contra-lateral movement, the VersaClimber can be used for step only exercise. There’s an additional arm rest at waist height for all-important recovery.

With over 35 years history producing the leading vertical climbing machines, VersaClimber is the go-to brand for Olympic swimmers, NBA players and even Hollywood celebrities. And the the Sport model is one of their most versatile machines yet.

Why The VersaClimber Sport?

Burn More Calories & Get Fitter In Less Time

Studies have shown* that a 20-minute workout on a vertical climber burns around twice as many calories as a similar workout on a treadmill. That’s because the act of climbing engages the whole body, including the core. It's a full body workout.

The machine’s unique contra-lateral functionality mimics how we naturally climb – contracting one side of the body while the other extends, and vice versa. It’s a great invention for exercise optimization and focus.

The Versaclimber sport model is an efficient, effective, and time-saving intervention and a perfect bio hack for the time poor. Step up effort to build muscle or dial down the resistance for active recovery.

You burn more calories in 20 minutes using a VersaClimber (276 calories) than jogging, swimming and cycling.

It's For Everyone (All levels)

With its intuitive functionality (step on, strap in, grab the grips and go) the machine is easily mastered even by inexpert climbers. Sports climbers and other athletes seeking a safe, zero-impact alterative to outdoor activity, will find much to love in the Versaclimber too.

Recovering from injury? The VersaClimber gives you a gentle way back into physical activity, taking the load off those joints, and allowing you to adjust muscular effort with ease.

It’s also Hi-Tri compatible, so you can connect two machines together train alongside a partner, friend, or rival.

Adjustable Hydraulic Resistance

Shift between a focus on cardio and speed at low resistance, to a muscle-straining workout at higher resistance, by altering the simple dial during your session. 

The Versaclimber can be dialled between 0lb and 227kg (550lb), letting you choose the level that’s right for you. Why not vary sessions to create a balanced and varied exercise programme?

High Quality Display

The Sport VersaClimber comes with a high-quality display that provides you the key metrics so you have maximum control of your workout

  • Calories Burned
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Total Feet Climbed
  • 11 Resistance Settings
  • Time, Distance and Feet Per Minute
  • Virtual Landmarks and Opponents
  • Step Height and Stroke Length
  • Bluetooth Connectivity


The touch screen allows you to do multiple things and truly customise your workout: choose time, step height, it shows you calories burned, etc.


Treadmills, rowing machines and static bikes are great – but they take up a lot of space!

By aligning effort vertically, the VersaClimber minimises its horizontal footprint. It’s perfect for those compact home gyms, back rooms, or other niches where you don’t have room for anything more extensive.

The VersaClimber requires just 122cm square floorspace (and 239cm in height).

Easy To Install

The VersaClimber is easier to install than your average piece of Swedish flat-pack furniture!

We put ours together in under 30 minutes, following the easy instructions and online assembly video.

Boxed in just 11 parts, it’s straightforward to assemble with minimal tools and expertise. Weighing in at just 70kg, the VersaClimber Sport can be repositioned with comparative ease.

Improve your fitness, productivity, mental clarity, and energy levels with a perfectly optimized workout session. Why not try one out today?

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VersaClimber Sport Model Specifications:

  • Full-Body Step and Climbing Machine
  • Quality Steel Construction
  • Wifi-Bluetooth Touch Screen
  • Base: 43″ X 46″ / 109CM X 117CM
  • Height: 7′ 10″ / 2.3M
  • Weight: 150 LBS / 70 KG
  • Power Requirement: 120v AC
  • Ships within 2-3 weeks

* Check out the research studies here

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