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VersaClimber TS Vertical Climbing Machine


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Experience Vertical Climbing At Home With The TS VersaClimber

Climbing offers one of the best full body workouts available, but not everyone is happy hanging off a rockface. If you want to benefit from the fitness and focus you’d get from a bouldering session, in the comfort of your own home, the TS VersaClimber may be the perfect bio hack.

VersaClimber have been a household name in climbing machines for 35 years. Their vertical climber was first invented by engineer Richard Charnitski in his garage back in 1981. It speaks volumes for his creation that, at 93, Richard is still going strong. How about that for longevity!

The VersaClimber works on contra-lateral movement, stretching the left arm and leg, whilst contracting the right, and vice versa. Reach as high as you like with adjustable grips, and work as fast or as hard as you prefer.

The VersaClimber provides a challenging cardio session AND trains all those muscle groups, including your core.

Why The VersaClimber TS Vertical Climber?

Interactive Touch Screen Display

VersaClimber’s interactive touchscreen is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectable and has multiple display settings. For basic exercise, it can be set to display just your main metrics.

For performance geeks, the VersaClimber TS can measure, display, and record a host of metrics. These include climb rate, distance climbed, percentage effort (based on your average), stroke length, stroke rate, and calories burned.

The image shows all the functionalities  that the Versaclimber TS Interactive Touch Screen Display has

Adjustable Foot Pedals And Hand Grips

Adjust the foot grip straps to fit your shoe size and position the grips to suit your reach. You can choose between three types of hand grip too: standard, running (rotated 90°), or larger gorilla grips.

A step-only support frame lets you concentrate on your leg repetitions, while you give your arms some recovery time.

Variable Resistance 0-225 kg

The variable resistance can be tuned from zero to 225kg (500lbs) of resistance so you can cycle quickly to concentrate on cardio or ramp up the muscular load and push harder.

Mix-up the resistance, as you would with a bike-based spin session to get the best of both worlds.

Sturdy Steel Frame

The frame is solid, yet lightweight, made from sleek steel. It’s compact too. Standing 7’10” tall, it takes up much less space horizontally than a bike or treadmill.

App with LIVE and On-Demand workouts

Choose a VC Live subscription and experience a range of different interactive training sessions, with something for every effort level. It’s basically Peloton for climbers.

You can track your own performance over time, compete with other climbers, and share your results on social media too.

A man touching the screen and using the VersaClimber TS app

Easy To Install

The VersaClimber is delivered in 11 pieces and full assembly information is provided. There’s even an helpful video on the VersaClimber site. Follow the easy instructions and the machine can be ready to use in 30 minutes.

Full Body Workout: Burn More Calories In Less Time

At its most challenging, a 20-minute workout on the VersaClimber TS will burn 276 calories, as opposed to an average of 173 on a static bike, or 162 swimming.

The VersaClimber is also a low impact form of exercise, great for anyone with knee or other joint injuries. It puts your body through its paces in a finely calibrated session.

It’s the perfect high-tech body hack, offering optimized exercise, while promoting health, energy, vitality and performance.

You burn more calories in 20 minutes using a VersaClimber (276 calories) than jogging, swimming and cycling.

Free Delivery

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VersaClimber TS Specifications:

    • Full-Body Step and Climbing Machine
    • Quality Steel Construction
    • Wifi-Bluetooth Touch Screen
    • Machine Height: 7' 10" (assembled)
    • Weight: 150LB (70 KG)
    • Step Height & Arm Travel: 1 to 20 inches
    • Base: 42” x 45”
    • Power Requirement: 120v AC
    • Ships within 2-3 weeks

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