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Exo Float Tank Collection

Exo Float Tank Collection: The Future of Relaxation Wellness

Welcome to the Exo Float Tank Collection. Designed for unparalleled relaxation and well-being, the Exo Float tank stands out.

Why Exo Float Tank?

Cleanliness: One common concern for first-time floaters is the cleanliness of the water. Unlike many float pods on the market that retain their water between uses, the EXO system completely empties and sanitizes the solution after each session. This ensures that every user starts with fresh, clean water.

High-Grade Filters: The EXO employs absolute 1-micron filters, originally designed for medical applications. This ensures that 100% of the solution passes through these filters, unlike conventional float pods which only process around 60% of their water.

Advanced Sanitation: The pod uses high-performance photo-catalytic UV sanitation to thoroughly sanitize the solution between each use. This is significantly more effective than the standard UV sanitation used by many competitors.

Efficiency and Sustainability: Since the solution remains in the pod only during a session, there's reduced heat loss and evaporation, resulting in lower running costs.

Safety Features: The pod's floor is designed to be non-slip, and the pod incorporates built-in handles for added safety.

User-Friendly Design: The EXO is designed for easy maintenance. With the ability to completely empty the pod, cleaning is a breeze. Plus, the pod features full-color LED lighting, a high-quality audio system, and is constructed from top-tier food-grade materials.

Accessibility: The EXO pod's design considers users with mobility issues. Its spacious design allows users to stand, and the large front opening can accommodate a hoist for safe transfers.

Optimal Experience: The design of the EXO, combined with the fact that the solution is not always present in the pod, prevents condensation from forming and dripping on the user, ensuring a seamless float experience.

Continuous Improvement: The EXO's software is designed for future updates, ensuring the product remains cutting-edge. Plus, the software can automatically test various levels in the solution, alerting users when attention is needed.

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