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Ice Bath For Home

  • Avantopool

    Avantopool Kinos Ice Bath

    3 colors available

    Experience Cold Therapy At Home With The Avantopool Kinos Ice Bath The Avantopool Kinos Ice Bath is a tool designed for the believers in DIY human ...

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  • ice bath stock tank details
    Stock tank 8feet ice bath
    Sold out

    8ft Oval Ice Bath


    Oval Ice Bath - 8ft The 8ft oval ice bath is built with the revolutionary G90 steel. This steel resists corrosion up to 100 times better than other...

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Discover Ice Bath For Home Collection

When choosing an ice bath for home, you have plenty of choices. A lot of biohackers want the simplicity and convenience of a metal tub or the portable versions.

Some prefer the beauty of a handmade wooden ice bath barrel, while others love the advanced technology versions you can control from a mobile app and offer fast heating and cooling. Your choice will come down to your available space, budget and personal style.

Don't forget to also explore other similar collections including ice baths for garden, portable ice baths, and ice bath kits. For a complete range, check out our full ice baths for sale collection.

Our team is experienced and we offer a leading customer service. Send us an email or give us a call today if you have any questions about our ice baths.