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Ice Bath Metal Tub

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    Stock tank 8feet ice bath
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    8ft Oval Ice Bath


    Oval Ice Bath - 8ft The 8ft oval ice bath is built with the revolutionary G90 steel. This steel resists corrosion up to 100 times better than other...

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Ice Bath Metal Tub Collection Overview

Our metal ice baths, made from corrosion-resistant steel, are incredibly durable, easy to fill, and quick to drain. In addition, our metal ice baths are big enough for one or two people and are multi-functional. Not only will a metal tub fulfil your ice bath needs, but it can also be used as a dog pool, hot tub, or paddle pool. So, make the most of your purchase with the metal tub.

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Our team is experienced and we offer a leading customer service. Send us an email or give us a call today if you have any questions about our ice baths!