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Red Light Therapy For Eyes

Red Light Therapy For Eyes Overview

Looking for red light therapy devices that help you with your eyesight? In this collection, you'll find our red light therapy devices that have been engineered to improve your eye health.

Red light therapy devices for your eyes are designed to improve overall eye health and visual performance. Sure, you could eat a ton of carrots but red light works on your eyes by increasing blood flow, energizing the cells, and enhancing the function of the eye tissues.

Red light therapy for eyes provides a biohack solution for ailments such as eye fatigue from staring at screens too long and lower visual acuity.

Does Red Light Therapy Help Your Eyes?

The short answer is yes. Various research studies support this, including one study conducted in 2021. The study found that individuals who used red light therapy for just three minutes a week saw an improvement of 15-20% in their visual acuity, also known as clarity of vision.

How Often Should You Use Red Light Therapy for Your Eyes?

Generally with red light therapy, we recommend starting with two to three sessions per week and build from there. However, for eye treatment specifically, studies have shown that daily use can be too much and may actually have a negative impact.

Let your eyes rest and follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

How Do You Use Red Light Therapy to Improve Vision?

Using a red light therapy device for eyes is similar to using one for pain or hair growth. Place the device near the area you want to treat. Specifically for eye treatments, we recommend placing the light about 60-65 cm away from your eyes.

This distance not only ensures best results but also keeps you safe with regard to EMF levels.

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