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Vitruvian Form

Discover The Futre of Exercise With Vitruvian Form

Vitruvian Form is one of our favourite brands. Our Australian friends have built one of the most innovative pieces of fitness equipment, the Vitruvian Trainer+.

With adaptive resistance technology, this smart home gym customises every workout to your unique strength and stamina levels, creating a truly personalised workout experience. 

Vitruvian Form create all-in-one smart home gym solutions that are also super compact. You won’t need a gym room for them. Keep in a closet or under your bed. Vitruvian Form products are really versatile and thanks to the innovative and sleek design, the Vitruvian is perfect for all fitness levels.

Say goodbye to multiple pieces of equipment. The Vitruvian is all you need to keep yourself fit in the comfort of your home. A perfect blend of fitness and technology.

If you have any questions about Vitruvian Form, we’re here to help. Give us a call on 08081 685099 or email us at