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VersaClimber Reviews

VersaClimber Reviews From Real Customers (Updated 2023)

As the owner of the Peak Athletics we’re committed to bring you products that enhance and optimise your life and performance. That’s why we partnered with VersaClimber. Their climbing machines are designed to help you burn more fat and calories, and build more muscle in less time. It's a biohacker's dream come true! If you're looking for efficiency and effectiveness in your workout, you'll find the perfect partner in a VersaClimber.

What’s a Climbing machine?

Climbing provides an all-around body workout that exercises the biceps, deltoids, glutes, abs, calves, abdominals, and more for a full-body workout. But rock climbing requires you to go out and find rocks to climb.

VersaClimber allows you to experience the benefits of climbing right in the comfort of your home. It is a vertical cardio trainer with pedals and handles. It works on contra-lateral movement, where you move the pedals and grips during climbing movement, stretching the right limbs while contracting the left, and vice versa.

Why The VersaClimber Climbling Machine?

In the vertical climber market, there a are a brands, such as RELIFE, MaxiClimber, or Merax. However, when you compare the VersaClimber to these common brands on Amazon, the quality difference is substantial. Most of these lower-cost climbing machines are built with cheap materials, have poor designs, and lack essential features.

VersaClimber is a whole different story. These machines are crafted from top-tier materials, and the brand has spent years refining the perfect design so the machine complements your body while remaining stable.

It's no wonder VersaClimbers are the go-to climbing machines for celebrities, NBA players, and even Olympic players looking for strength training, cardio, and efficient workouts. Their versatility and exceptional calorie-burning ability make them a must-have home gym equipment.

A man working out with a VersaClimber

Before I share some customer reviews, let me tell you seven qualities that make VersaClimber one of the best workout machines on the market:

1. VersaClimber Is Solid As a Rock

If you glance at Amazon reviews for some other climbing machines, you'll see that they often described as “wobbly” and “unstable”. Sure, they may be lighter, but no one likes working out on unstable equipment.

On the flip side, VersaClimbers weigh around 70kg and are built from high-quality materials. The outcome? A super stable workout machine with a solid structure that won't rock, move, or wobble.

2. Full-Body Vertical Climbing

VersaClimber mimics the climbing experience that uses all the major body muscles in the limbs and back. Customers love its design that offers the experience of vertical climbing, as in bouldering or rock climbing.

You have to pull and push the handles and pedals constantly and, at the same time, use your core stabiliser muscles to hold their bodies up when working out. You’ll engage your entire bodies for a full-body workout.

Using the VersaClimber engages more body muscles than other workout equipment.

It activates the triceps, biceps, calves, quads, obliques, glutes, lats, and many other muscles. Exercising on the VersaClimber for a few minutes will leave you sweating and refreshed.

A man working out with a Versaclimber and a review from a real customer

3. Low-Impact Exercise

Working out on the VersaClimber is a low-impact exercise, especially when you start slowly and build up speed. It increases your heart rate gradually while exerting less pressure on your joints.

Because it puts less pressure on your body, the need for rest days is reduced. This means you can work out consistently to achieve your fitness goals and other benefits, such as:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Burn calories
  • Reduced chances of injury
  • Build muscle
  • Improved strength

The foot grip straps are adjustable to help you position them where you can reach and fit your shoe. And when you need to give your arms some time to recover, there's a step-only support frame so you can continue with leg workouts as the arms recover.

Choose from the three available types of hand grips—standard, running, or the larger gorilla grips.

4. Adjustable Resistance

The VersaClimber has variable resistance adjustable from 0 to 225 Kg (500 lbs.). Set to lower resistance for cardio workouts or increase the load for muscle building. Mix up resistance or set it at a medium load for the best of both.

The VersaClimber comes with a high-quality display with 11 resistance settings. Increase resistance (and slow the stepping speed) by turning the control knob clockwise and counter clockwise to reduce resistance (and increase the stepping speed).

You can also create zero resistance by turning the knob counter clockwise all the way. However, eliminating the tension means more steps in the same amount of time, which is perfect for cardio workouts.

5. Efficient Calorie Burn

Working out on a VersaClimber burns more calories than using other cardio equipment. According to studies, working out for 20 minutes on a VersaClimber will burn twice the number of calories used on a treadmill.

For us biohackers, you won’t many products that offer you a more efficient way to burn calories using less time. Since it works out every part of your body in one fluid motion, you can burn as much as 276 calories in 20 minutes at a pace of 1mph.

To put that into perspective, the average person burns 80-140 calories per mile when running. But climbing on the VersaClimber for 20 minutes burns twice the number of calories. This equipment is an efficient bio-hack for not only maximising performance but also exercise optimisation and calorie burn.

You bur more calories using VersaClimber 20 minutes (276 calories) compared to jogging, swimming, and spinning.

6. Space-Saving Design

Short on space? Don't worry about where to keep it, as it has a compact, space-saving design. Unlike treadmills and rowing machines, VersaClimbers are designed to take up as little space as possible.

They are designed to align the effort vertically instead of horizontally so you can take advantage of the empty vertical space. This is also practical since they are designed to mimic vertical climbing.

7. Versatile Training Options

VersaClimber offers a range of versatile training options and models to suit different fitness needs and goals. Different models are designed for specific needs.

VersaClimbers come with an interactive, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-compatible touchscreen display. It can record and save workouts and measure various metrics, such as your climb rate, distance climbed, calories burned, stroke rate, and percentage effort.

Additionally, you can monitor your heart rate, share workouts on social media, review your past workouts, see total sessions, and adjust the display settings. This equipment lets you track and monitor your performance while giving you complete control over your workout routine.

But enough of what I think... how about what our customers think? Below is a full archive of Versaclimber’s reviews, from real customers that use them.

Happy Reading,
Owner – The Peak Athletics

VersaClimber Reviews From Real Customers

I would recommend a
Versaclimber to anyone. It will always be my go to piece of fitness equipment.

James Haskell

The Versaclimber is a
machine I can use with people who want a maximal workout, or a new gym user
requiring less intense training. It’s so versatile that I look at it as one of
the most valuable tools in any training regime.

Neil Rhodes

The fact that you can vary your step and pace alters the varying fitness benefits of the Versaclimber and the Versapulley, this helps when adapting to the different level of each athlete.

Neil Adams

The motions on a VersaClimber build a stronger core and back which gives you better posture.

Jason Walsh

There is so much you can do on this full-body cardio machine, especially with a trained professional guiding you and, because it’s low-impact, as hard as it forces you to work you’ll always be able to come back for more.

Scott Sorkin

I got myself in ridiculously good shape this December, spent five straight weeks on the VersaClimber, and I'm probably 30, 35 pounds lighter.

Rocco Mediate

I cannot recommend the Versaclimber enough as a key piece of kit for athletes in all disciplines. As a boxer, I need to be fit enough for short, sudden bursts of energy, as well as have enough endurance to last the full 12 rounds. With the training that I do, I can change the level of resistance on the Versaclimber to suit longer cardio sessions, or explosive HIIT training. It really is the perfect all-rounder.

Tal Singh

The Versaclimber has helped me lose 75 lbs. This is the best cardio machine I've ever used. I've owned elliptical machines, NordicTrack skiers and I've found the best results with Versaclimber. It is truly a total body workout. I love it. If you're serious about weight loss and fitness, this is the machine for you.

Joe Tinfina

I have been training all my life. I very much welcome the addition of the VersaClimber to my routine. It provides a rigorous workout without the trauma of knee pounding on pavement. I run half marathons regularly, therefore any option to train hard without the side effects of inflicting stress on the joints is very welcomed.


Dear Versa-Climber I have been using the Versa-climber with my athletes for over 10 years with outstanding results. Recently I have developed some very unique routines combining the climber with other movements in a circuit based fashion, allowing me to link functional training with hard core anaerobic conditioning.
Heart rate monitoring has demonstrated levels equal to or even above those attained in practice. I would recommend this type of training for any serious athlete or fitness enthusiast.

Stan Keller

I bought VersaClimber... now I have a elliptical machine for sale.

Greg Kennin

We need endurance in the upper body and power in the legs. If you want to get in shape quickly without wearing out your body, the VersaClimber's the best.