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Vitruvian Reviews

Vitruvian Reviews From Real Customers (Updated 2023)

Smart home gym equipment has brought remarkable transformation to the world of fitness. And with so many upcoming equipment options, it's not easy to settle on one.

Different brands have different features, and your choice will depend on several factors, such as your fitness goals. But there is one piece of equipment that is captivating fitness enthusiasts and biohackers with its cutting-edge design and intelligent features.

The Vitruvian Trainer+ Smart Home Gym is the new ultimate game-changer in the world of fitness. This compact powerhouse brings the gym experience right into your home—no more excuses about not having time or space for exercise.

Before I share the Vitruvian reviews from real customers, here are the 6 things I like the most about the Vitruvian Trainer+.

Portable and Compact Body Design

When you hear of the gym, you probably imagine several bulky pieces of equipment and metal in a vast room. Vitruvian Trainer+ is the opposite.

It has a compact and sturdy design with a user-weight capacity of up to 150kg (330 lbs). The hardware has an aluminium frame that wraps the internals and a robust carbon fibre shell. This equipment is so sturdy that even when a 330 lbs. person stands on it, there are no cracking or squeaky sounds whatsoever.

Even more exciting is its portability. It's fitted with recessed wheels on one side and a handle to wheel it away when not in use. It weighs 30kg (65lb) and comes with the legs make it easy to move it around.

Vitruvian Reviews

Full-Body Training

Vitruvian Trainer+ focuses on resistance training to deliver full-body training. It’s designed to give you a comprehensive full-body workout—ensuring no muscle group is left behind.

It uses Artificial Intellifence to deliver adjustable resistance levels to challenge your muscles and build strength. You also have the option to set your own workouts, fully customized to your needs. This makes the Vitruvian Trainer+ a convenient and versatility smart home gym.

When you need to get your heart pumping and burn calories, this equipment incorporates dynamic movements to help you do just that. You also get to train your core through various exercises targeting your abs, obliques, and lower back.

You can perform squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, lunges, shoulder press, bench press, and their variables. Alternatively, you can do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), dumbbell snatch, straight-strength training, or even muscle group workouts.

Variable Resistance Technology

Vitruvian's resistance technology is versatile to accommodate people of different strengths and training levels, from beginners to experienced fitness trainers.

And you don't have to set it yourself.

The machine uses artificial intelligence to gauge your experience level and set a resistance that's right for you. It will select and adjust the resistance at first to avoid people getting injured by cranking up the resistance before getting used to working out with the machine.

 Vitruvian trainer+ customer review

Versatile Training Modes

In addition to variable resistance, Vitruvian also comes with versatile training modes. These are designed to work out how you want, from high-intensity interval training to sculpting and cardio.

Different modes are designed to help you reach specific goals and train specific body parts while keeping your workouts challenging and interesting. They include:

  • Eccentric Only: On this mode, weight is loaded only when lowering weights during a workout
  • Time Under Tension: Unlike eccentric mode, where weight is loaded when lowering, this mode provides resistance during the workout's concentric (lifting) and eccentric (lowering) phases. This allows you to train safely on both phases
  • Pump: Pump mode delivers velocity-based training to produce quick movements like in cardio
  • Old School: This mode allows you to set your preferred weight and work out like you would using metal weights. 

You can customise these training modes. The adaptive technology allows you to set resistance for your workouts. If you feel fatigued in the middle of a workout, its smart technology knows when to reduce the load to give you the best experience.

Interactive Training App

Unlike other brands like Tonal, which come with a screen, Vitruvian does not. Instead, it comes with an interactive app with dozens of valuable features.

Choose from 200+ exercises on the Vitruvian Trainer+ App or create your own customised workouts. It also records your workout data and performance to allow you to track your progress. And with personalised performance insights, you'll quickly know your strengths and where you need to put more effort.

But perhaps the most valuable feature is the expert coaching functionality. With this app, you have 24/7 access to over 300 classes and personal training content offered by professional fitness trainers. There are new classes added every week.

The Vitruvian Trainer+ smart gym equipment has 3 months of free access to premium features, such as goal-oriented programs, 300+ classes, performance tracking, and the ability to create and share workouts.

 Vitruvian Plus Reviews

Customisable Workouts

Want to work out your own way? Vitruvian Trainer+ allows you to customise your workouts to fit your preferences, whether you want to focus on strength training, cardiovascular fitness, or flexibility.

Create your own workouts or customise existing ones in the app. From workout modes to resistance, set them up your way and challenge yourself as you progress.

Vitruvian Plus Review—Is It Worth It?

Vitruvian Trainer+ is not just a piece of equipment but an entire gym in one sleek platform. It offers unmatched capability and unique features, which may take some time to get used to. But when you do, working out will be easy and enjoyable.

Admittedly, Vitruvian's Trainer+ has a higher price point, but if you're looking for a machine that will deliver workout quality when short on space, this equipment will maximise your training and help you progress in your fitness journey.

So, if you have limited space, don't want to buy multiple pieces of workout equipment, and are looking for smart gym equipment that won't compromise on quality, Vitruvian Trainer+ is worth it.

Enough from me, below you’ll find Vitruvian reviews from real customers. And if you have have any questions about Vitruvian, feel free to give us a call on 08081 685099 or send us an email at

Happy Reading,

Alvaro Owner – The Peak Athletics

Vitruvian Reviews: Vitruvian Trainer+ Review From Real Customers

The Vitruvian is an awesome all-in home gym that can replace any equipment with far less space and far more functionality. Absolutely love it!

Travis N.

I’ve been going to gyms
for two decades and this has been an absolute game changer. I’m beyond impressed with what this machine is capable of… the machine does everything it claims and the amount of resistance it provides sets it apart from others like the tonal.


Impressive machine, easy
to set up.

Denise O.

Hardware is amazing!
Software still needs some improvements, but happy to see continuous updates and customer feedback engagement.

Ash A.

It’s hard to believe this machine will do everything but it does and it will work you out to the max. I got rid of all the bulky equipment and now just use this for my daily workout.

Richard A.

This is better than I
expected it to be. I love the fact that I will adjust the weight to yout
ability at tht time to prevent injuries. Its portability makes it convenient to
travel with during short trips.

Robert P.

This is an amazing piece of equipment. Being able to do deadlifts and back squats at home without a rack setup is great. I can push myself, lift safely, save space, and track progress. Totally worth the money.

Jeffrey B.

I’m a husband, father of 6 kids, and a small business owner, so my “Me Time” is very limited. This trainer+ and the All Access Membership allows me to lift hard, heavy and safely, all at home and in the smaller footprint imaginable!

John C

Love this device, takes up little room and packs a punch!

John B.

I have never felt so efficient with my workout schedule. You can say that about most smart home gyms, but this one in particular was my pick because it’s easy to move, very
simple to use and can support more heavy lifting than competitors. Overall, very happy with the Trainer+

Stephen J.

Great for all tiers of people. There are quirks to this thing, but honestly with the amount of quality movements you can get out of this compact unit is impressive. I mix in free weight workouts twice a week and use this thing three times a week. One day I might convert all of my workouts to this but for now I'm happy with the split I created.

Ryan B.

The Vitruvian Trainer+
isn’t just a basic piece of equipment. It’s a leading-edge personal training
system that will transfor and adapt your workouts every step of the way.