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Welcome to our Inbody collection page. If you're searching for an InBody body composition analyser, you're in the right place.

InBody devices are considered the world’s most advanced and accurate body composition analysers. What sets the InBody machines apart, is their level of accuracy. When I met the InBody team in London, the broke down why their machines are outshine the competition:

Multi-Frequency BIA: Unlike other scanners that use single frequency, InBody machines use multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition. These multiple frequencies provide more accurate and detailed data.

Direct Segmental Measurement (DSM): While traditional BIA brands measure the body as a whole, InBody devices go a step further. They separately measure the impedance of each body segment: your arms, legs, and trunk. This segmental approach means you get far more accurate results and reveals which areas need improvement.

8 Point Tactile Electrode System: InBody scanners use an eight-point tactile electrode system making the measurement of body composition. This ensures consistent measurements every time.

No Empirical Estimations: Many BIA devices rely on empirical estimations based on generalised assumptions (like age, gender, ethnicity, etc.) to calculate body composition. This is so wrong… In contrast, InBody machines only rely on the direct measurement of your body composition, regardless of your gender, age, etc. This is by far the most accurate and personalised way to do it. 

If you still have questions about InBody, give us a call on 08081 685099 or send us an email at

InBody Comparison Table of Unique Features

To give you a better understanding of the differences between the three InBody models, here’s a summary table:

InBody 270 vs 570 vs 770 comparison