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InBody 770 Body Composition Analyser

by InBody

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InBody 770 Body Composition Analyser: The Most Accurate Machine On The Market

If you're looking to biohack your body and get healthier, you have to know what's going on inside. That's where the InBody 770 body composition analyser comes in. It’s got all the answers to your body composition questions.

What sets this machine apart is the two result sheets: one with overall body composition and one with body water. That means we can do a more thorough analysis of your fat, muscle, and body water.

The body water bit is especially important for the anti-ageing, longevity, and health optimisation warriors. It keeps track of trends in your water distribution and can tell us when something's off due to obesity, ageing, and other health factors.

But wait, there's more! Here are more reasons why the InBody 770 should be your go-to body composition analyser.

Why The InBody 770 Body Composition Analyser?

InBody 770 Machine accuracy

The InBody 770 machine is probably the most accurate body composition analyser on the market. The 770 uses a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method to give precise and reliable results instead of general estimates. No guesswork with InBody 770 scan.

You can trust that the measurements really reflect your body composition, so you can customise your biohacking routine to perfection.

InBody 770 Body Composition Analyser Accuracy

Fast results

The InBody 770 body composition analyser does a complete assessment of your body composition and water in just 60 seconds. With quick results, you can track your progress more often and see the effects of your biohacks in real-time. Cool, right?

InBody 770 Scan results sheet

The InBody 770 scan produces two analysis sheets to offer a thorough breakdown of your body. One reveals body composition, and the other shows water composition.

You can follow changes and progress with each scan and adapt your lifestyle as you go. And with cloud-based software, you can access your results anywhere, anytime.

The InBody 770 is easy to use

New to body composition analysis? Don't stress. Using a high-tech tool like the InBody 770 is simple. Stand on the device, grab those hand electrodes, and follow the steps on the screen. Voila!

You'll instantly get all the info you need in a clear and easy-to-read display. No need for any discomfort. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the scan.

No Empirical Estimations With InBody 770 Scan

The InBody 770 doesn't play guessing games with your body.

It uses impedance tech to measure every segment, so the results are on point. Those precise measurements will steer your health and wellness goals to the fast lane.


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    So, don't wait any longer! Grab an InBody 770 body composition analyser and accurately track your progress. Hit the orange button and get your InBody 770 Body Composition Analyser today. 

    InBody 770 FAQ:

    Is the InBody 770 accurate?

    Yes. InBody machines measure body composition with very high accuracy.

    What’s InBody 770 weight limit?

    The weight limit of the InBody 770 is 270 kg (42 stones and 7 pounds).

    What are InBody 770 dimensions?

    The InBody 770 dimensions are: 52.6 cm length x 85.4 cm width x 117.5 cm height (20.7 in x 33.6 in x 46.3 in).

    How much does the InBody 770 weigh?

    The InBody 770 weighs 38 kg (5 stones and 14 pounds).

    What is the use of InBody 770?

    The InBody 770 results sheet helps understand Body Water Composition and Segmental Body Water Analysis to monitor trends and detect unusual shifts in fluid distribution that can result from injury, ageing, obesity, and other health factors.

    How does the InBody 770 differ from the InBody 270 and 370s?

    The InBody 770 comes with all the features you can ever imagine. It’s one of the best and offers the most detailed body composition analysis of all the InBody models. It features five frequencies for body composition analysis compared to the three and two frequencies used by the InBody 270 and the InBody 370 respectively. This is the Rolls Royce of body composition analysers.


    InBody Comparison Table of Unique Features

    To give you a better understanding of the differences between the 770 and the InBody 270 and InBody 370s , here’s a summary table:

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    • Frequencies: 1, 5, 50, 250, 500, 1000 kHz
    • Test duration: 60 seconds
    • Age range: 3-99 years
    • Height Range: 95 - 220 cm
    • Weight Range: 10 - 270 kg
    • Product Weight: 38 kg
    • Database: 100,000 results
    • Dimensions: 52.6cm x 85.4cm x 117.5cm (L x W x H)
    • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • Compatible Printers: Laser/Inkjet PCL 3 or above and SPL
    • Additional Features: Lookin’Body 120 and Lookin’Body Web Compatible, Touch Screen, Voice Guidance System, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity, Security Access Code
    • Measurements: 10 impedance measurements 2 frequencies at each of the 5 segments (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)
    • Outputs: Weight, Total Body Water, Dry Lean Mass, Fat Free Mass, Body Fat Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index, Percent Body Fat, Segmental Lean Analysis, Body Composition History, Body Fat-Lean Body Mass Con[1]trol, Basal Metabolic Rate, Segmental Impedance at each frequency
    • Additional: Intracellular Water, Extracellular Watter, ECW/TBW Analysis, Visceral Fat Level, Segmental Fat Analysis, Visceral Fat Area, Segmental Body Water Analtysis, Segmental ECW/TBW Analysis, Segmental ICW Analysis, Segmental ECW Analysis, Leg Lean Mass, TBW/ LBM, Reactance, Whole Body and Segmental Phase Angle

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