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BlockBlueLight PowerPanel Tabletop


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Target Specific Areas With The PowerPanel Tabletop

Dive into the innovative PowerPanel Tabletop red light and near-infrared light therapy device.

It's designed to provide multi-wave technology, pulsing, and dimming, while keeping a sleek design. With a built-in stand and 60 x 5W Dual Chip LEDs, this device delivers a mix of comfort, functionality, and power.

But that's not all. Measuring X 24cm X 6.5cm, this red light panel is just the right size to focus on specific areas of your body.

Looking for an effortless way to add red and near-infrared light to your space? The Tabletop is your match.

PowerPanel Tabletop With a Built-in Stand

One of the features that sets the PowerPanel Tabletop apart is its built-in stand. It allows you adjust the angle and height of the device, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness.

The adjustable technology ensures that create the ideal treatment setup for your needs and deliver light to the area you want to target.

No more awkwardness with handheld devices – set the Tabletop up and free your hands.

Dive Deep with Tabletop Multi-Wavelength Technology

Our buddies at BlockBlueLight designed the Tabletop with a unique blend of 5 wavelengths. The majority, 80%, consists of 660 nm and 850 nm. The remaining 20% includes 630 nm, 810nm, and 830 nm.

Why should you care?

These wavelengths are chosen for their maximum effectiveness and effects with the body.

The mix of 630nm + 660nm offers red light therapy, while with 810nm + 830nm + 850nm you’ll get near-infrared wavelengths. Enjoy the broad spectrum of red and near-infrared benefits and the combination of both together. Simply select your choice on the display.

Customize Your Session With Integrated Controls

Take control of your red and near-infrared light session with digital control panel.

Set your timer, tweak the brightness, and adjust the pulsing frequency (from 10 to 990Hz). Plus, with the Tabletop you can switch between red and near-infrared light (or mix them both!) easily.

Phot of the PowerPanel Tabletop integrated controls. You can select the brightness, opt for red light, infrared, or a combination of both; and set the timer, among other things.

Advanced Safety: Zero Flicker Minimal EMF

Safety's our mantra, my friends.

The Tabletop features FlickerSafe flicker-free technology so you can enjoy all the benefits without the risk of potential harm. Plus, it emits ultra-low EMF that’s undetectable even when you're just three inches away. An extra level of safety.

Promote Better Sleep With The Ambient Mode

The Ambient mode is all about promoting quality sleep. It emits a softer, lower-intensity red light during the session. This perfect for promotes better sleep.

In this mode, you can adjust both the red and near-infrared light intensity with 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% brightness setting. This gives you full control to ensure you sleep like a baby!

Take It To The Next Level With Recovery + Pulsing Mode

But the great things don’t stop there. The PowerPanel Tabletop comes with an innovative Pulsing technology.

This mode allows you to set any pulse between 1 and 10,000Hz. The Pulsing mode means you can enjoy the additional advantages such as boosting cellular functions, rejuvenating your body.

Just remember my friend, if you do use pulsing, wear some protective glasses.

High Power, Less Time

But it's not just that, this device is designed with your power in mind.

The Tabletop comes with 60 individual 5W dual chip, producing a powerful throw of 140mw per square centimetre. It’s one of the most intense and powerful panel light available, so you can enjoy the benefits in a fraction of the time.

Photo of the PowerPanel Tabletop side

So, Why The Tabletop?

With power comes great responsibility.

Every BlockBlueLight Red Light Device is SAA, CE, and FDA approved, and it's undergone electrical safety tests for the UK.

To top it off, there's a 3-year warranty and a 30-Day No Regrets Policy. You have a full month to love your product or return it!

Ready for a game-changer in red light therapy? Don't settle for just any red light therapy device - make a statement with the Block Blue Light PowerPanel Tabletop.

It comes with everything you need to get the best of red and infra-red light and an innovative design. Press the orange button and elevate your wellness and biohacking game.

What’s Included With The Tabletop:

  • The PowerPanel Tabletop itself
  • A power cable for quick charging
  • A detailed user manual to get you started quickly
  • Protective goggles for safe use
  • Built-in stand for maximum performance

Tabletop Specifications:

  • Certification: AS/NZS 60335.2.27:2020, AS/NZS 60335.1:2020, CE, FDA
  • Size: 340mm X 240mm X 65mm
  • Irradiance (Light Intensity): 140mw/cm2 at 6 inches
  • Red Light Wavelengths: 660nm (40%), 630nm (10%)
  • Near Infrared Wavelengths: 850nm (40%), 830nm (5%), 810nm (5%)
  • Dimming: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Pulsing: 10 - 990Hz
  • LEDs: 60 x 5w (Dual Chip)
  • LED Power Class: 300W
  • Flicker: ZERO Flicker
  • EMF: 0.0 µT @ 4”
  • Beam Angle: 60 degrees
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Lifespan: 100,000 Hrs
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Weight: 5.0kg

Disclaimer: The Peak Athletics, BlockBlueLight and all its suppliers do not endorse this product for medical use or treatment against any existing condition. Medical advice should always be sought before using the Red Light Therapy Healing Light, from your doctor or registered health practitioner.

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