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CAROL Bike 2.0


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Experience the Future of Fitness With The New CAROL AI Exercise Bike

Looking for the ultimate condition device? Look no further than the CAROL AI Exercise Bike, now available on Peak Athletics! 

This is the perfect addition to any biohacking routine and an essential for those who have limited time to exercise.

Picture this. You’re in between meetings, or you’ve just tucked the kids in. You’ve got 10 minutes of ‘me time’, tops. Jump on your CAROL AI bike, hit a button, and bam! Your workout begins. 9 minutes later, you’re done. And those 9 minutes? They’re the equivalent of a 45-minute jog. A quick wipe down, and you’re back in the game. Just like that.

So, How Does the CAROL Bike Work?

Get Fitter In Less Time

Thanks to CAROL’s science-backed Reduced Exertion HIIT (REHIT) method, you get an ultra-short and effective workout based on two 10 to 20-second sprints within a 10-minute span. These sprints kick your nervous system into “fight-or-flight” mode, increasing energy demands by 10,000%. And those glycogen stores in your thighs? They’re wiped out, replicating a 30-45 minute jog’s effect in just 9 minutes.

Three 9-minute workouts a week with CAROL is all it takes to revolutionise your fitness regime and save you valuable time.

Burn More Calories In Less Time

But the good things don’t stop with the fitness improvement.

The CAROL bike makes your body a calorie-burning beast. The sprints trick your nervous system into staying active, leading to a prolonged “afterburn effect”.

This means you continue to burn extra calories post-workout, which may help with fat loss.

Image of an woman exercising using the Carol Bike. She has long hair and pony tail. She's wearing a light blue top and dark shorts. She looks focused, eye on the ball!

CAROL Bike With Artificial Intelligence

With CAROL, every workout is custom-fit.

The bike uses artificial intelligence to tailor workouts to your unique physiology and ability:

First, the bike gathers personal information during setup, including your age, weight, and height.

It then blends this data with five decades of evidence on the REHIT method and onboard sensor feedback.

And finally, CAROL’s AI assesses your performance, making continuous tweaks from thousands of resistance settings.

The result? A personalised workout that improves your health and fitness every time.

Plus, the CAROL bike dynamically adjusts the resistance level of the flywheel during the ride (based on your power input and data from previous rides).

Why is that important?

Well, the AI predicts when exactly to put the resistance on, how much resistance to put on, and for how long to put it on. It provides the most optimal and effective workout every time and makes the sprints as effective as possible. This level of precision simply isn’t possible with traditional exercise or spinning bikes.

Built to Last

The guys at CAROL engineered the bike with high-quality materials, and it’s built to last. The centrepiece is a robust, powder-coated steel frame. This well-made frame offers a sturdy, shake-free ride even when you sprint. The bike also comes with a heavy 14kg flywheel, which allows you to get the momentum when you’re going all in

There are also two features that make the CAROL bike stand out: a frictionless magnetic brake and belt drive system. The brake uses magnets to increase resistance, ensuring a smooth, frictionless ride. The poly-V belt with automatic belt tensioner makes the ride feel very smooth, even when resistance peaks. Plus, it keeps things whisper-quiet so you won’t disturb the neighbours during your workout!

Fully Customizable

When it comes to customisation, the CAROL bike fits all body types. You can change the seat position and handlebar height for a perfect ride. Need hydration during your workout? No problem, CAROL’s got you covered with two bottle holders.

It also includes dual-sided toe cages and SPD click pedals for your choice of regular trainers or cycling clips.

Image of a man exercising with the CAROL bike. He's wearing a light blue t-shirt, light brown shorts, white socks and white and light grey trainers. He has longish curly hair and a 5-day beard. He is holding the bar with both hands and looking at the screen.

A Wide Range of Workout Modes

CAROL offers several workout modes in five distinct categories:

  • Reduced Exertion HIIT (REHIT): Ultra-short and effective workouts based on two 10 to 20-second sprints. The signature REHIT workouts result in a series of chemical reactions. The adaptive response to this stress makes your body fitter, faster.
  • Fat Burn: Workouts designed for fat burning and weight loss, with 30 to 60 eight-second sprints mixed with rest periods. Combined with a healthy diet, this mode can drastically enhance metabolic fitness and help shed those extra pounds.
  • Free Ride: For those who want full control over their ride intensity, the Free Ride mode is ideal. Perfect for training in your AI-customised power and heart rate zones or use your CAROL with third-party apps like Peloton and Zwift. classes. And for those extra long rides? Connect it to your YouTube or Netflix account.
  • Custom Ride: Workouts of varying lengths, based on cutting-edge scientific research to deliver maximum health benefits.
  • Fitness Test: Standardised tests to measure Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP).

Seamless Third Party Integration

CAROL isn’t just a standalone bike; it plays well with popular apps like Peloton, Zwift, YouTube, and Netflix. You can adjust and track your metrics while following along with Peloton or Zwift classes, or even binge your favourite Netflix shows.

Most indoor bikes lock you into just one program, but CAROL loves variety. You’re free to switch between programs as you please.

Data Is King

Love geeking out on data? CAROL’s got you covered with a detailed workout history and graphs. And if you’re somebody who doesn’t like data, the CAROL bike also simplifies things for you.

Another amazing feature is the weekly CAROL Leaderboards. Track your progress and compare your performance with other CAROL users worldwide, adding a competitive and fun element to your workout. Are you ready to hit the top 10%?

CAROL Bike Benefits

Despite that short workout duration, the CAROL bike provides the same benefits as much longer workouts. One study found that riding CAROL three times per week (for 26 minutes of exercise) provided the following health benefits:

  • Improved cardiorespiratory fitness by 12% as measured by VO2max.
  • Increased HDL cholesterol by 6%.
  • Reduced triglycerides by 10%.
  • Reduced blood pressure by 5%.
  • Reduced blood sugar by 2%.
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Our Promise to You

And because we believe in our product, you have 100 days to try the CAROL bike and if you don't love it, return it and you'll get a full refund! We also back it with a one-year warranty.

Ready to take the step and get yourself the best cardio device? Hit the orange button and your CAROL bike today!

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Footprint: 116 cm x 56 cm (3′ 9.7'' x 1′ 10'')
Bike Weight:
54.5 kg (8 stones and 8.15 pounds)
Rider Requirements
- Height:
140 cm - 200 cm (4′ 7'' x 6′ 7)''
- Max weight:
150 kg (23 stones and 8.69 pounds)
Space Requirement:
116 cm x 116 cm (3′ 9.7'' x 3′ 9.7'')
Fully commercial-grade exercise bike. Built for professional gyms.
Frame: Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame.
Instant Resistance: AI-controlled, motorized resistance applied instantly.
Brake: Silent, friction-free magnetic brake.
Power Measurement: The highest accuracy standard for professional gym equipment.
Handlebar: Ergonomic handlebars with 5 different grip positions.
Saddle: Designed for maximum comfort.
Q-factor: Distance between pedals: 172 mm.
Pedals: Dual-sided toe cage and SPD click pedals, to maximize rider efficiency.
Cranks: Forged steel 170 mm crank arms.
Transmission: Silent poly-V belt with automatic belt tensioner, 1:8 gearing ratio and freewheel safety clutch.
Flywheel: Composite flywheel with steel core and brushed aluminum outer ring.
Power Requirement: 100 V to 240 V

Screen: 11” IPS touchscreen with 2K resolution (2000 x 1200)
Processor: MediaTek® Helio G90T Tab Octa-Core Processor
Graphics: Integrated ARM Mali-G76 MC4 GPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 64 GB internal storage
Sound: Quad Speakers, Optimized with Dolby Atmos®
WLAN: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1
Ethernet: Wired ethernet via USB-C adaptor (not included)
Operating System: Android 11
Apps: Google Playstore

CAROL membership gives you and 7 other riders the full CAROL experience.
AI-Optimization: Our AI algorithm calculates your optimal resistance, for maximum results—so every second matters.
18 Workouts: Choose from 18 scientifically-proven workouts and fitness tests. With more added as the science advances.
Multiple Riders:
- Home membership gives access for up to 8 riders.
- Commercial membership tiers start at 24 riders.
Metrics: Personalized dashboard with comprehensive performance metrics like Fitness Score; so you can accurately track how your fitness is improving.
OTA Updates: CAROL Bike automatically adds new features, functionality and performance with over-the-air software updates.
- Home membership is £15/month (incl. sales tax).
- Commercial memberships start from £39/month (incl. sales tax).

We offer a 30-Day No Regrets Policy. You have 30 days to love your product or return it. Read more about our Returns Policy here


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