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FlexBeam Red Light Therapy Wearable Device

Color: Black

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Experience Red Light Therapy, Anywhere, Anytime, With FlexBeam

You’ll probably won’t realise how convenient the FlexBeam is until you have it in your house. Picture this. You get home after a busy day at work. You are tired, your body aches a bit after the morning workout. Leg day tomorrow? You go to the living room, open the drawer, and pull out this beautifully designed red light device. Go on, turn it on! Now, you put the FlexBeam in your right quad, select the time and intensity and adjust it. Easy peasy. Few minutes later, you can feel the red light energy going through your leg.

It’s not too much nor too little, and also it adjusts so well to your body that you can read, watch a movie or even cook while wearing it.

How Does The FlexBeam Work?

With technology developed by NASA, the FlexBeam is the first red light therapy device that delivers light directly where you need it. The guys over at Research Health have hours in research, development, testing and trial of the FlexBeam and believe it is the absolute BEST red light wearable on the market!

Our FlexBeam red light therapy brings an ergonomic and unique design that sets it apart. The unique design allows the red light to target specific areas of your body, such as knees, lower back or shoulders, etc. These areas are hard to reach with other conventional red light therapy tools. This means you get the benefits of using red light directly in the muscles and joints you want to target. The great stuff doesn’t stop there. Here’s 6 more reasons that will make the FlexBeam the right product for you:

Easy To Adjust Velcro Bands

The velcro bands allow you to adjust the device and apply the red light anywhere in your body. The bands are so good that you can cook, read or watch your favourite series while using FlexBeam.

3 Levels Of Intensity

Most red light products come with only one level of intensity. Not us, we’ve put three pre-sets so that you can enjoy different intensity to maximise the health benefits you will experience.

Super Powerful Battery

This product comes with a battery that lasts 5 sessions on a single charge. It means you don’t have to remember to charge it after each use.

Ultra Light Carry Case

Take your FlexBeam with you anywhere with the light and robust carry case.

Two-Year Warranty

Got a problem? We’ll fix it under warranty for the next two years.

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The FlexBeam is for serious biohackers who want the most convenient and powerful way to experience the multitude of health benefits of red light therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Disclaimer: The Peak Athletics, Recharge Health and all its suppliers do not endorse this product for medical use or treatment against any existing condition. Medical advice should always be sought before using the Red Light Therapy Healing Light, from your doctor or registered health practitioner.

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Size (w x h x d): 35cm x 13.5cm x 4.5cm / 13.8’ x 5.3’ x 1.8’

Weight: 775g / 1.65lbs

Available Colours: Porcelain White, Charcoal Gray 

Wavelength: 635nm + 810-850nm

Material the product made is of ABS-PC plastics and silicon

Warranty: 2 years

We offer a 30-Day No Regrets Policy. You have 30 days to love your product or return it. Read more about our Returns Policy here


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